Baby Bonding Studio

About Miracle in Making 4D 

MIRACLE IN MAKING 4D was established by Elna Kruger. While being pregnant herself her 4D sonar didn't completely fulfill her and her husband's expectations.The hospital environment was clinical, not ideal to experience this wonderful occassion

In 2013, almost 3 years after the birth of her daugter ( little Cecilia in the photo above, then only 3 months old ) she decided to begin MIRACLE IN MAKING 4D, to give parents-to-be the opportunity to experience what they deserve, to meet their precious baby in a comfortable and non-clinical  environment., where no one feels rushed.

Elna is the proud mother of  daughters Cecilia ( 7 years ) and Petrea ( 3 years ) and happily married for the last 11 years. She and her family lives on a beautiful farm just outside of Hartbeespoort. Her passion is pregnancy and everything that goes along with it!